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Instructional Videos

Take some time to learn about driving from the safety and comfort of your own home.

10 things to do while parked

Auxiliary equipment


Steering control

Lane positioning

Left turns - controlled and uncontrolled

Right turns

Yield right turns

Lane changes/Using Turn Signals

Traffic Scanning

Checking Blind spots


Yellow Lights


controlled, uncontrolled, How to Clear Intersections Safely (Driving Instructor Explains)

yield, Yield Right Turns - Driving Instructor Explains

T, Full Stop at T-intersections: Driving Instructor Explains

Traffic Circles

Downhill/Low Gear

Parking Lot

Angle Parking

Bay Parking

Where is parking allowed?

Traffic Signs (long)

Traffic Signs (short)

Road Markings

Curbside Parking & Reversing Curbside Parking - How to Park Without Hitting the Curb

Reversing around a corner

U-turns & 3 point turns

Preparing for the driving test How to Pass Your Driving Test 2023 (Driving Instructor Explained)

Videos: News & Updates
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