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Teen and Adult Lessons

Driving Lesson

DMV Required Driving Course for Teens, younger than 18

$150, 90-minute session (4 required)

Each 90-minute

lesson focuses on getting to know the vehicle, practicing the rules of the road, and learning to be a safe and courteous driver. 

6 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Required

Adult Driving Course

$150, 90-minute session

Adult drivers who need new driver instruction, a confidence boost driving in the busy Bay Area, or a skills refresher will get what they need from Bubble of Safety.

Bubble of Safety will help you prepare for your driving test and brush up on your safe driving skills.

Jacqueline is an experienced educator with decades of experience working with learners of English. Speakers of languages other than English welcome!

Driving Lessons: Courses

Scaffolding - Teen Lessons

We scaffold instruction in comprehensible chunks (90 minute lessons), building upon students' skills and helping them comfortably stretch to further develop their skills.

Lesson 1

The Grid - Month ONE

In the first lesson we develop an understanding of the outside and inside of the car and establish good habits for monitoring our surroundings and controlling steering and speed in predictable neighborhoods like Albany, West Berkeley, and El Cerrito.

Lesson 2

The Curves - Month TWO

By the second lesson the student should have about 10 hours of practice. Typically we seek out more challenging road conditions, uncontrolled intersections like yields and Ts, and advance to higher speeds including the freeway.

Lesson 3

Paradise & Parking Lots - Month THREE, FOUR, or FIVE

By the third lesson students should have 25-40 hours of practice with their parents. We challenge our safe driving skills in busy urban spaces and complicated parking places.

Lesson 4

Final Lesson - Month SIX

By the fourth lesson, the student has driven 50+ hours with their adults and our focus is on making sure the student has established good habits and is ready to take and pass the behind-the-wheel test.

Driving Lessons: Courses
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